Alison Iha, DVM


Dr. Alison Iha is originally from Minneapolis, MN and graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota in 2021. Her focus in school was small animal and equine medicine. She has also spent time working in urgent care. 

Her favorite part about in-home veterinary care is getting to truly understand patients and clients in their own environment and work with them to ensure they are living their best lives through every stage of development. She is particularly passionate about oral health and dentistry!

Dr. Alison currently lives in Dallas and when she isn’t visiting patients, you can catch her taking a hike with her dogs, kayaking, fishing, camping and horseback riding.


Terrier Mix (Kallie)

Goldendoodle (Ranger)

Waffles (Terrier Mix)

Favorite Food

Asian & sushi

Fun Fact

Dr. Alison learned how to remodel her 1910’s house by watching Youtube videos!